paragliding tandem flight

experience a spectacular adventure in the sky of the lake of Geneva

What you will see

Let us take you in the sky of Sonchaux, the take-off site above Villeneuve (Suisse). You will discover the lake of Geneva in a way you won’t have experienced before. You will also be able to see the « Dents du Midi » mountain range, the « Chillon » Castle and Montreux. It will be a unique and spectacular flight over the Riviera.

Place : Villeneuve (Switzerland)

25 minutes drive form Lausanne, one hour from Geneva and 40 minutes from Fribourg on the highway (exit Villeneuve). Here is the address for you GPS : « Prés des Fourches, 1845 Noville ».

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Discover free flying


Choose the formula you prefer amongst these different flights. The price is listed at the end of every column.

If you desire, the pilot can offer you the option of filming with a GoPro the whole flight for an additional 40CHF. You will then have the opportunity to keep pictures and a video of your flight for great souvenir.

Little Prince

CHF 120
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  • For children
  • From 6 to 12 years old
  • Duration : 15 minutes

Discovery flight

CHF 170
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  • For everyone
  • Calm conditions
  • Duration : 15 min

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

CHF 140 min. 5 people
  • vol parapente enterrement vie de jeune fille
  • For the « soon to be married » ones
  • Group activity
  • Duration :1h30

Hike and Fly

CHF 370
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  • For the adventurers
  • Hike of approx 1h30
  • Flight duration : 20 min

Delta Flight

CHF 250
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  • For eveeryone
  • Calm conditions
  • Duration : 25 min

How to proceed ?

D-Day -1 : Call our answering machine the evening before the flight

Dial this number : +41792710512 from 20.30PM and listen to the message regarding the weather forecast. This will inform you if the flight will take place or not according to the weather. If the weather forecast isn’t good , the flight will be rescheduled and we will contact you a few days later.

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Here we are ! The Big Day ! We will be waiting for you at the landing site « Prés des Fourches, 1845 Noville ». If you have a gift voucher, show it to us at that moment (when you arrive there).

Private Shuttle

Get on our private shuttle that will bring you to Sonchaux, the take-off site after a 25 minutes ride. You will be lucky to discover a beautiful landscape as you go up the mountain. This ride will also be a great way to get to know your pilots.

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Briefing before take-off

While getting the paragliding wing ready, your pilot will take you through the different phases of the take-off. In general, all you need to do is run a little ! If you are interested, the pilot can explain before and during your flight a few aerology notions and flying techniques. He/She will also be at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Take-off time, we are counting on you !

We have to wait on the exact moment to take off ; the wind having to blow the right way. The pilot will ask you to run in order to take off and that’s when the magic happens ! Here your are, in the air, having a unknown but beautiful experience : you are flying ! It’s incredible, nothing can describe it, it’s exciting yet frightening ! Your pilot that is now also your coach will regularly talk to you during your flight. He will comment on the handling of the paragliding and the amazing view. He/She will also be there to reassure you if you feel the need to be.

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  • Information and booking +41 79 271 05 12

Everything you need to know

Every season has its specific charm. We fly all year long, you only have to adapt your equipment according to the weather.

Everybody can fly, there is no age limit. Our oldest client was 101 years old ! You actually only need to be able to run a little bit on ten metres and be able to jump from the third step of a staircase. If necessary, we have ways of getting help for the take-off. For the children, we advise you to wait until the child is 6 years old, that way he/she will remember the experience and enjoy it fully.

A tandem paragliding is conceived to support a total weight of 200-220 kg (440-485 lbs) pilot and passenger together. Tests have been made at 8 times that load, so it will be strong enough ! We have already flown with people weighing more than 130 kg (285 lbs). However, if you are affected by this situation, please make sure to inform us about it when you book your flight in order for us to prepare everything for the best take-off possible.

The most important thing is to have good hiking shoes ! For the rest, clothes adapted to the weather and season will do the trick for this activity. From shorts to jeans, from windcheaters to winter jackets or from t-shirts to fleece jackets, any piece of clothing will do.

They did it !

The pilots

Jérôme Michel
Coordinator and tandem paraglider

Friendly called « Djé », he is responsible of the tandem flights structure and a skilled skier. Passionate of mountains, he has discovered paragliding and then speed-riding. Suggesting paragliding tandem flights is a way for him to share his passion.

yvan curdy
Yvan Curdy
Founder of « Les Ailes du Léman »

The « boss » and the « assisted one » of Les Ailes du Léman ! Yes, he is always surrounded by assistants… He has been hang-gliding since 1983, paragliding since 1986. Beginning of 2017, he added up 4500 paragliding tandem flights and 13000 alone flights. He is one of the only professional instructor to suggest hang-gliding tandem flights.